Supplier Diversity Program

SMECO has a Supplier Diversity Program to achieve the goal stated in the July 15, 2009, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC):

“to voluntarily pursue a target goal of 25% of eligible procurements from minority-, women-, and service disabled veteran-owned businesses, and not-for-profit entities organized to promote the interests of physically or mentally disabled individuals.”

Register for SMECO’s Supplier Diversity Program

Registering through the supplier portal is a new requirement being enforced through all procurement contracts and purchase orders.

As a SMECO supplier, if the value of your contract exceeds $550,000, you will be required to report Tier 2 spending for any subcontractor you use. Use the supplier portal to file your report.

A Partner within the Business Community:

SMECO is proud to serve as community partner to a variety of statewide and regional organizations, such as:

  • Maryland Utility Forum on Supplier Diversity;
  • Local and regional Chambers of Commerce;
  • Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland Minority Business Opportunities Task Force (MBOT) and the developed Smart Business Tool and Directory;
  • Member of the Women Presidents’ Education Organization


SMECO encourages all small and diverse suppliers to obtain the eligible federal and state recognized supplier certifications. There are many organizations that may be able to assist a small and diverse business with its business certification, including the following:

In addition, the local chambers of commerce, Maryland Procurement & Technical Assistance Program (, and other business alliances can assist in identifying appropriate third parties who can certify a supplier as an eligible small or diverse business.

SMECO’s Expectations of the Supplier:

  • Register as a SMECO supplier
  • Get certified as a small and/or diverse supplier
  • Get acquainted with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
  • Be competitive
  • Take advantage of teaming, partnering, and subcontracting opportunities
  • Join and access available organizations and resources
  • Provide feedback to SMECO to develop a positive exchange of ideas or information to solve current issues and introduce new initiatives

Primary Procurement Opportunities:

  • Electric utility transmission and distribution construction
  • Professional services (engineering, consulting, etc.)
  • Electric utility plant equipment (transformers, conductors, etc.)
  • Technology services (information technology, security, etc.)
  • Building and maintenance services of office buildings
  • Office equipment and products

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