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Text Notifications (SMS):

In addition to the SMECO 24/7 app, you can use SMECO’s text messaging service to report outages, receive power restoration updates, and request outage status updates with your phone. You can also pay your bill and receive billing, payment, and past-due notices, as well as high bill alerts.

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To sign up, simply text REG (for register) to 76326 (SMECO). You will then receive a text from SMECO that will ask for your account number or phone number, and your zip code. Once you’ve signed up, you will be able to send and receive SMECO-related texts.

To manage your e-mail and text messages, go to Account Manager and click the Notification Preferences link on the dashboard.


You can text SMECO to pay your bill immediately or on the due date, and you can choose the amount that you want to pay. Simply use the PAY command. If you’re new to paying by text, you need to set up your wallet. Just sign into Account Manager and click Text to Pay Wallet or go to Pay Your Bill and click the Manage Wallet button. (You will also need to create a 4-digit PIN.) If you don’t already use Account Manager, enroll your SMECO account now.

Past-Due Notices

You can receive a text notice if you receive a past-due notice. (Past-due notices are also mailed.)

High Bill Alerts

You can receive a text notice if your monthly bill is expected to be unusually high.


You can send a text to SMECO if you experience a power outage at your location. You may also receive text alerts if the power goes off in your area, as well as status updates with an estimated time of restoration.

SMECO Text Commands (SMS)

  • REG: Register for SMECO 24/7 text service.
  • SUB: Subscribe to additional text messaging services.
  • OUT: Report an outage for your registered account.
  • STAT: Receive an outage status for your registered accounts.
  • BAL: Request the balance for your account.
  • PAY: Pay your SMECO bill.
  • NICK: Assign a nickname to your account.
  • STOP: Cancel SMECO 24/7 notifications.
  • PAUSE: Temporarily stop notifications.
  • RESUME: Cancel PAUSE command and begin receiving notifications again.
  • HELP: Receive a list of text commands for managing SMECO 24/7 messages.

For More Information:

SMECO’s texting service is free, but standard message and data rates may apply through your cell phone carrier.

SMECO 24/7 App:

Use the SMECO 24/7 app to review bills, make payments, report outages, and manage your SMECO account. The app now has the ability to save your credit card or bank info, so you don’t have to enter it for every payment. You can also select the amount you want to pay and the date you want to pay it. With a quick link to the SMECO Outage Map, you can check status updates and see how a storm affects electric service to all of Southern Maryland. Download the free SMECO 24/7 app for your smart phone or mobile device.

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