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SMECO’s smart meters are safe, smart, and secure.

We have finished installing smart meters throughout our service area. Learn how to read your smart meter.

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Why do we call it a smart meter?

Smart meters are able to communicate. They automatically send information such as outage alerts and energy usage for meter readings.

Smart meters are one step in the process of implementing technological improvements to our electric system.

  • Smart meters measure energy usage data and communicate that data to the utility.
  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology provides two-way communications with smart meters for voltage monitoring, outage detection, and on-demand meter readings.
  • With smart meters, tasks that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes.

For more information, go to Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Meters.

How does SMECO save with smart meters?

AMI technology pays for itself through operational savings. With standard meters, whenever someone moves into or out of a house, SMECO has to send a truck to turn the meter on or off. Sometimes we have to make two trips in the same day. With smart meters, we can perform those tasks remotely, saving time, gas, and labor costs. Smart meters will also allow SMECO to respond more quickly to outages and that means your power will be restored faster.


Smart meters communicate, and that improves reliability and efficiency and helps save money.


SMECO’s smart meters communicate data for less than five seconds per day. And they use a very low wattage, much less than a cell phone or even a baby monitor.


Smart meters use data encryption and SMECO’s private radio network to communicate. You control your appliances and your privacy is protected.

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