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Smart Thermostat Program Recruitment Period Now Closed

Approximately 600 customer-members have been selected to participate in a SMECO program to test Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats. We have reached the maximum number of participants for this pilot program and are not accepting any new applications. Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey.

Participants received smart thermostats that “learn” their habits. The thermostat adjusts their heating and cooling equipment based on the home’s unique energy profile and the weather outside to make sure occupants are comfortable when they’re home and saving energy and money when they’re not. The thermostats make thousands of calculations to maximize energy efficiency without affecting comfort. The SMECO program will analyze associated energy savings to assess manufacturer claims that a smart thermostat can help save 19% to 36% a year on heating and cooling costs.

If you have questions about the SMECO smart thermostat pilot program, call 1-877-818-4094.

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