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Lighting Update for 2021

At this time, sales dates for price reduction as a part of the SMECO EmPOWER Maryland Program may vary by retailer. Please call 1-877-414-4094 with any questions.

Save Energy and Money with Each Bulb:

ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs save up to $80 in electricity costs during a bulb’s lifetime. And they last at least 15 times longer, which makes them great for hard-to-reach places.*

SMECO offers instant discounts of up to $7 at participating retailers, so you can save right away and for years to come. Choosing the Right Light Is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Select the style:

Use this chart to select the styles that are best suited for your fixtures.


2. Choose the brightness:

The greater the lumens, the brighter the light. Check your energy savings by comparing the old bulb and LED wattage.


Old Bulb Wattage LED Lumens LED Wattage
40 450 6-9
60 800 8-12.5
75 1,100 13-15
100 1,600 16-20
150 2,600 25-28

3. Pick the color—the K number.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins (K). Lower K means warmer, yellowish light, while higher K means cooler, blue light.

Lamp with warm white bulb
Warm White,
Soft White

Standard color of
incandescent bulbs.
Lamp with cool white bulb
Cool White,
Natural White

Good for kitchens
and work spaces.
Lamp with natural or daylight bulb
or Daylight

(think blue sky at noon)
Good for reading.

Ready to Save?

Get instant discounts—up to $7 per bulb—from SMECO! When you buy select bulbs from participating retailers, the savings are included in the purchase price at the register. Find a participating retailer near you, or visit our online store to get the same instant discounts on lighting and other energy-saving products, delivered right to your door.

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