Home Energy Improvement Program

SMECO Energy Advisors have helped customers save more than 1.2 million kWh through the Home Energy Improvement Program

With its rebates and recommendations, SMECO’s Home Energy Improvement Program has helped thousands of customers save energy and money. Here’s what some customers have to say:


“Brandon made our experience great! He was professional and efficient throughout the entire analysis of our home and patiently answered our questions in a friendly manner.

We’d highly recommend the SMECO HEIP Home Energy Analysis to others based on Brandon’s excellent customer experience.”

Joseph T., La Plata

“This is a great program and has identified several concerns that when addressed should save considerably on my energy consumption.”

Diana D, Huntingtown

“EXCELLENT Program! Everyone should utilize the benefits that are offered. This experience is an educational opportunity not only for adults, but for children as well. They will have a greater appreciation for how much energy is lost and can potentially be saved through implementing the recommendations. This was a great experience.”

Anonymous, Waldorf

“Thanks for providing customers with such great services. This is valid data collected needed for accurate Energy analysis regulation.”

SMECO Energy Advisors received a 94% approval rating for their recommendation style.

Meet Our Energy Advisors:






Our Auditors are BPI Building Analyst Certified:

Energy Advisors are certified to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments, identify problems at their root cause, and prescribe and prioritize solutions based on building science. The Building Analyst certification verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to conduct comprehensive building performance audits. 

During HEIP appointments, SMECO Energy Advisors are helping to ensure the safety of our members by taking precautions, like social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing equipment. Ask about safety protocols when scheduling your appointment.

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