How to Participate

You’re just steps away from a more comfortable, energy-efficient home! Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.

  • Step 1. Schedule your home energy analysis with a SMECO Energy Advisor. At this time, let us know if you are interested in switching to a smart thermostat—you can get a $100 instant rebate for qualifying models and no-cost installation (limit 3 per household). You can also tell us if you’re interested in a no-cost HVAC system tune-up.

    To receive the $100 thermostat rebate through the HEIP program, an ecobee 3 Lite or ecobee 4 must be purchased and installed by a SMECO-approved installation contractor. Would you like to have a smart thermostat installed? When requesting an HEIP appointment, click “yes” and a SMECO preferred HVAC contractor will contact you to schedule your smart thermostat installation. Units purchased via retailers or SMECO Online Store are not eligible for the HEIP no-cost installation service. 

  • Step 2. Your Energy Advisor will perform a comprehensive walk-through analysis, using diagnostic tests to identify specific improvements to reduce energy use by up to 20%. Check out typical improvements.
  • Step 3. During your analysis, your Energy Advisor will check to see if you are eligible for energy-saving measures to be installed on the spot. With your approval, items may include LEDs, faucet aerators, efficient-flow showerheads, pipe insulation (electric water heaters only), and smart power strips.
  • Step 4. Your Energy Advisor will provide a list of customized solutions and discuss the approximate energy savings and guaranteed pricing for customer-members to make the upgrades. Plus, you’ll learn about SMECO rebates up to $7,500!
  • Step 5. You take time to review the recommendations, and then decide which solutions make sense for your home and budget. At this time, your Energy Advisor will connect you with an installation contractor to complete your projects.
  • Step 6. You’ll work with the installation contractor to set a project schedule that works for your home and budget. The installation contractor will provide a contract that shows your guaranteed costs and instant rebates up to $7,500 as a SMECO customer-member. The remaining payment is due to the installation contractor following the completion of your project.

You may receive a follow-up survey email to provide feedback about this program. We hope your experience is so great that you share it with your neighbors, family, and friends.

Ready to get started? Schedule your home energy analysis today.


Get answers. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also submit a question to a SMECO Energy Advisor or call 1-877-818-4094.

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