With the growing demand for home energy ratings in Southern Maryland, SMECO’s ENERGY STAR for New Homes program could be a significant business opportunity for you.

How to Participate:

Certified Home Energy Raters (HERS) are integral participants in SMECO’s ENERGY STAR for New Homes program. To earn the ENERGY STAR label and qualify for incentives, builders must work with a RESNET®-accredited rater who has been approved for SMECO’s program.

See our list of participating HERS raters.

HERS Rater Application:

To become an approved program rater, complete the HERS Rater Application.

Work with a Homebuilder:

You will work with a homebuilder to make sure the builder’s house designs will be accepted in SMECO’s ENERGY STAR program and the builder will qualify for financial incentives.

Home Registration System:

Either you or a builder whose Homebuilder Application was approved may register accepted homes with the program. The builder is responsible for requesting incentive payments. Visit the Home Registration System and provide the required information. You will need the e-mail address and password you used when you completed your HERS Rater Application.

Visit the New Home Online Data Entry Instructions (coming soon) for a description of how to enter the data online.

Home Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for incentives, your clients’ homes must meet the following criteria:

  • Be separately metered
  • Have electrical service provided by SMECO
  • Be completed within 12 months of application submittal
  • Pass all required ENERGY STAR inspections

Rater Resources:

If you are not yet a RESNET-certified rater but wish to earn this accreditation, visit to learn more.

For more information about qualifying new ENERGY STAR homes, visit the ENERGY STAR for Home Energy Raters webpage.


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