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Many of today’s home buyers are concerned about rising energy costs and environmental issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions and their home’s carbon footprint. SMECO can help you provide your customers with a home that helps them do their part for the environment—while they're saving money—when you build a home to higher standards for energy efficiency. By partnering with SMECO’s ENERGY STAR for New Homes program, your company can distinguish itself as a leader in energy-efficient construction and environmental stewardship.

How to Participate:

As a participating homebuilder, you will benefit from financial incentives, technical support and training, and marketing support to help you gain recognition as an ENERGY STAR builder.

Financial Incentives:

Builders who construct homes in SMECO’s service area that meet or exceed the EPA ENERGY STAR for New Homes guidelines can receive the following incentives*:

For Homes permitted ON or AFTER April 1, 2015:
  • Low-Rise Multifamily: $400 for ENERGY STAR Version 3.1 certified unit with 90% LED Lighting
  • 2-on-2 Condo: $550 for ENERGY STAR Version 3.1 certified unit with 90% LED Lighting
  • Townhouse: $750 for ENERGY STAR Version 3.1 certified unit with 90% LED Lighting
  • Single Family: $1250 for ENERGY STAR Version 3.1 certified unit with 90% LED Lighting
*A $100 smart thermostat incentive is also available with any ENERGY STAR New Homes Financial Incentive listed above.

Home Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for incentives, homes must meet the following criteria:

  • Be separately metered
  • Have electrical service provided by SMECO
  • Be completed within 12 months of application submittal
  • Pass all required ENERGY STAR inspections

Homebuilder Application:

To apply for incentives for homes that meet these criteria, complete the Online Home Builder Application.

Work with a HERS Rater:

Submit your house plans to a HERS Rater. Your Rater will work with you to make sure your design will be accepted in SMECO’s ENERGY STAR program and you will be eligible for financial incentives.

See HERS Raters for a list of participating raters of new ENERGY STAR homes.

Home Registration System:

After your Homebuilder Application is approved, you may register accepted homes with the program and request incentive payments. Visit the Home Registration System and provide the required information. You will need the e-mail address and password you used when you completed your Homebuilder Application.

Visit the New Home Online Data Entry Instructions (coming soon) for a description of how to perform the online data entry.


Home inspections help to make sure that new ENERGY STAR homes will perform as expected, helping to save energy and save money for homeowners. Either the builder or the HERS rater can coordinate the necessary home inspections to meet SMECO program requirements.


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