Small Building Tune-up

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Designed to provide a streamlined approach to building tune-ups, this service focuses on common improvements to operating efficiency that result in a quick return on investment. If your commercial facility is less than 75,000 square feet and has industrial process systems, such as a compressed air system, you may be eligible for SMECO’s Small Building Tune-up Services.

For projects participating in the Small Building Tune-up Program, up to $5,000 (per project) is available for additional equipment-level metering installed to baseline the equipment before and after the tune-up to help verify savings. Project pre-approval is required.

Please review the Terms and Conditions for online applications.


SMECO’s Small Building Tune-up Services typically include:

  • Walk-through assessment and development of an action plan
  • Calibration of building systems and controls
  • Replacement of equipment filters
  • Cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils
  • Sealing of compressed air leaks
  • Rebalancing of air handling systems

Small Building Tune-up Service Providers:

To assist customers in performing Small Building Tune-up Services, SMECO has a list of approved Building Tune-up Service Providers. If a customer wishes to use a service provider that is not a registered Building Tune-up Service Provider, the Service Provider can apply to be registered.

Your Building Tune-up Service Provider will assist you in completing and submitting the Small Building Tune-up Services Application. In reviewing program applications, SMECO will select projects that meet program eligibility and criteria for cost-effectiveness, energy savings and verifiability.

Questions? Contact us at or call 1-866-235-6044.

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