Appliance Rebates - Instant Savings

Instant Rebates up to $500 on ENERGY STAR Certified Appliances:

Now you can find instant rebates on qualifying smart thermostats and heat pump water heaters at participating retailers—so you save big before leaving the store!

Here’s How It Works:

Shop at one of our participating retailers.


  • 2525 Crain Highway, Waldorf
  • 300 Rosewick Road, La Plata
  • 45075 Worth Avenue, California

The Home Depot

  • 12050 Jefferson Farm Place, Waldorf

Look for these signs in the store, near smart thermostats and heat pump water heaters.

Sample of Instant Rebate signs at participating retailers

Then follow these simple steps on the signs:

  • Go to
  • Verify your eligibility and get your coupon code.
  • Scan coupon code at checkout and save.

Get More Information About Your Smart Thermostat:

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