Vol71-03 March 2021
Cooperative Review

Employees scheduled to move in to new Leonardtown office in June

SMECO began construction on the new facility in Leonardtown in July 2019. Work is proceeding on schedule, and the new building is on track to be occupied in June. After employees are transferred into the new facility, SMECO will close the customer service center and demolish the old building. Until a new customer service center is constructed, SMECO's lobby will be closed to members. The customer service lobby is scheduled to open by the end of 2021.


Security questions added to SMECO Account Manager

To improve the self-service capabilities of Account Manager, SMECO has incorporated the use of security questions; then, if you ever need to recover your username, you won't have to contact SMECO. You can choose from a list of 12 secumargin:0 auto;rity questions and will need to answer at least two to retrieve your username.


Board election process begins

Nominating Committee

SMECO’s Board of Directors appoints the 2021 Nominating Committee at its March meeting.

The Nominating Committee will meet in May to select candidates for the five Board positions to be elected this year.

The meeting will be held virtually and/or in person at 15035 Burnt Store Road in Hughesville.

Interested in running?


Around Town Calendar

Visit the Around Town Calendar to find out about upcoming events in Southern Maryland.

MATHCOUNTS held virtually

This year marks the 27th annual regional MATHCOUNTS competition, and social distancing precautions took the competition to a virtual platform this year. During the event held Feb. 5–6, 2021, local middle schoolers enjoyed the fast-paced challenge testing their math skills.


Stay safe around power lines

Spring is around the corner and warmer weather means many of our members will be heading outdoors for projects around the house and yard. Stay safe, and be aware of overhead power lines.

Stay safe

Energy efficiency tip of the month

Don’t keep your refrigerator too cold. The Department of Energy recommends a temperature setting of 35 to 38 degrees for the fresh food compartment and zero degrees for the freezer. Make sure the refrigerator doors are sealed airtight to maximize efficiency.

Source: energy.gov