Vol70-7 July 2020
Cooperative Review - July 200

College scholarships awarded to four local high school seniors

SMECO awarded four scholarships to high school seniors for 2020 to students who live in the cooperative’s service area. SMECO has awarded scholarships to 112 students in the 28 years since beginning the program in 1993.

Scholarship Recipients

Keep children safe around power lines

It’s time for fun in the sun as children are out of school and we are in the thick of summer. Warm weather brings a lot of children outside to play, and SMECO wants everyone to stay safe.

Stay Safe

Adults should be careful outside, too!

Overhead power lines carry high voltages and maintain only a coating of insulation to protect them from weathering. If your body or anything you are touching comes in contact with the power line, the results could be fatal. Electricity will course through your equipment and you, and that current can heat up and burn the tissue inside the body. If you become the easiest path to ground, the results could be deadly.

Watch for Power LInes

Around Town Calendar

Visit the Around Town Calendar to find out about upcoming events in Southern Maryland.

Join CoolSentry to save

SMECO’s load management program—CoolSentry—helps save energy and money during the summer.

Save Energy and Money

Practice boating safety around power lines

Boating is a popular activity in Southern Maryland and SMECO would like to remind sailing fans to be aware of power lines. Check out these safety tips to ensure safer sailing this summer.

Safe Sailing

Energy efficiency tip of the month

Home cooling makes up a large portion of your energy bills. Try to keep the difference between the temperature on your thermostat setting and the outside temperature to a minimum. The smaller the difference, the more energy you will save.