Vol69-12 December 2019
Cooperative Review - December 2019

SMECO’s president and CEO announces retirement

SMECO president and CEO Austin J. Slater, Jr., submitted his retirement letter to the Board of Directors at the monthly board meeting held Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

CEO Retires

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Help the Community

Small changes can help you save money this winter

Cold weather directly translates into higher energy usage, which results in higher energy bills. For members who want to save money, these small changes can help reduce energy use when the weather is cold.

Save Energy and MoneyMore

Around Town Calendar

Visit the Around Town Calendar to find out about upcoming events in Southern Maryland.

SMECO weathered major storms during Slater’s presidency

2003: Sept. 18, Hurricane Isabel knocked out power to more than 74,000 members.
2005: A major snow storm causes about 25,800 outages in February. Tropical Depression Ernesto caused outages to over 25,000 in September.
2007: February brought two winter storms that caused major damage, and then a windstorm blew through in April causing more than 47,000 outages.
2010: Starting with a blizzard on Feb. 5, winter delivered a one-two punch to Southern Maryland. There were a total of 1,232 incidents from Feb. 5 to Feb. 11; 85 percent had service restored within one day.
2011: On Aug. 27, Hurricane Irene devastated Southern Maryland and plunged more than 70 percent of SMECO members into darkness. All service was restored within seven days.
2012: On June 29, a “super derecho” left a 700-mile trail of destruction. The derecho gave almost no warning. Almost 84,000 customers experienced a sustained interruption in power related to this event.

Hurricane Sandy brushed Southern Maryland on Oct. 29. All power was restored by Oct. 30.

2018: Winter Storm Riley brought damaging winds on March 2, causing extensive damage to SMECO’s electric system. In total, the cooperative experienced 114,000 customer interruptions.

Irene, Riley, and the derecho were some of the most devastating storms in SMECO’s history.