Cooperative Review - February 2019
Vol69-2 February 2019
Cooperative Review - February 2019

Know the facts if you are considering switching to an alternate supplier

Two studies call for improving consumer protections

Recently, two reports issued by the Maryland Office of People’s Counsel (OPC) and the Abell Foundation expressed concern about Maryland’s third-party energy supply market. They found that many customers who purchase energy through an alternate energy supplier in total are overpaying by millions of dollars. In addition, they found that a high percentage of customers who purchase energy from an alternate supplier are low income customers who receive assistance. In many cases, they are charged more for energy by alternate energy suppliers than they would normally pay to their local utility.

Know the Facts

Practice generator safety

Southern Maryland faced its first winter storm of 2019 in mid-January. While there were limited outages with that storm, many families prepare for the possibility of power outages by purchasing portable generators. Here are some things to consider if you plan to use a generator.

Generator Safety

Around Town Calendar

Visit the Around Town Calendar to find out about upcoming events in Southern Maryland.

Scholarship applications are due by April 12

Completed scholarship application packages (all items must be submitted as one package) are due by April 12, 2019.

Where to submit the application:

  • SMECO’s Hughesville or Leonardtown office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or
  • Mail the package to: SMECO, Attention: Bernadette Lewis, P.O. Box 1937, Hughesville, MD 20637

Learn more at, see your school career counselor, or call 1-888-440-3311, ext. 4340

The 17th annual Gaff-n-Go Rodeo will be held May 11, 2019

Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss the chance to see your SMECO linemen compete in events that test their agility, skill, and safe work practices—talents vital to the work they perform daily. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the skill, strength, and respect for electricity it takes to be a utility lineman. This event is free to the public and it is held at the Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia. • 804-968-4073

Be a part of the 2019 SMECO 75 Bike Ride

SMECO is hosting its 9th annual bike ride through Southern Maryland on June 1, 2019. Sign up for the 75-, 47-, or 29-mile routes.

The ride is open to the public and money raised will be contributed to: Spring Dell Center, Charles County; The Arc of Southern Maryland, Calvert County; and Bay Community Support Services, St. Mary’s County.

Sign up to ride or to become a sponsor! Visit for more info.

Have you ordered your complimentary Energy Efficiency Kit?

The kit includes six LED lights and an efficient-flow showerhead.

Offer valid for any eligible SMECO residential member.

(Limit one kit per household through 2020.)


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