Cooperative Review - June 2018
Vol68-12 December 2018

Saving, made simple...use your online Account Manager to track your energy use and get tips to save

The amount of energy you use changes from day to day based on the weather and your household activities. But now it’s easier than ever to monitor your energy use and forecast your electric bill. Account Manager helps you avoid surprises and take steps to save.

Designed to help you save energy and money

Whenever you log in to view or pay your bill, review your account, or update your Notification Preferences in Account Manager, your energy use data will appear. Energy use is collected from your meter. If you have a smart meter, your usage is shown in 15-minute intervals. Accounts that don’t have smart meters have monthly data available. Most of the information provided is geared toward residential accounts and may not apply to commercial accounts.

Energy Use

Energy Use Details

Energy Use Details graphs show energy use and monthly bill information, along with average temperatures, to provide insights into how much energy you use and when you use it.

  • You can choose to see a graph that shows data in dollars or kilowatt-hours.
  • See meter readings as monthly, weekly, and hourly energy use info. Click on a month to see the daily view. Click on a specific day of the week to see the 15-minute data.
  • The average temperature line on the graph helps you see how energy use goes down during mild months, such as May and October, and increases during winter and summer.
  • The neighbors graph compares your energy use with other homes that are similar to yours. You can click the arrow at the bottom of the graph to see detailed information about the factors that are used for the comparison.

Bill Forecast

Keep an eye on how much you are spending with this tab. Here, you can review how much energy you’ve used to date in your current billing period. After at least seven days of the billing period, you will see what you are projected to spend for the remaining days in the billing period.

This information is based on:

  • How much electricity you’ve already used in the current billing period.
  • The weather.
  • The number of days in the billing period.

The dollar amounts are estimates. Your bill will vary based on actual energy use, taxes, and fees.

Looking for ways to save? You’ll find handy tips to help you reduce your bill on this tab, too.

Bill Comparison

This tab helps you compare your most recent bill to last month’s bill or the same month from the previous year. Simply click “Last Year” or “Previous Bill” in the top right corner. Some possible reasons for increases or decreases in energy use are shown beneath the graph.

Bill comparison

Neighbor Comparison

How does your energy use compare to other homes that are similar to yours? On this tab, you can see how your energy use compares to that of similar homes.

The comparison month is shown at the bottom left corner. Of the comparison homes, the 20 percent with the lowest energy use are considered “efficient neighbors.” Click the “Who are my neighbors?” arrow to see details about similar homes.

If you have multiple accounts, the first one listed is considered a primary account and will be the one that shows the neighbor comparison.

Neighbor comparison

Energy Use Profile

What’s the biggest part of your bill? Heating? Cooling? Water heating? Review the Energy Use Profile tab for an estimate of what’s using the most electricity in your household.

On this tab, you will see a pie chart that estimates how much energy you use for each of the categories listed. Please note that these are only estimates; your meter measures whole-house energy use, so an actual measurement for each appliance is not possible.

To make the information more accurate, click the “your home” link and complete the questionnaire to provide a more accurate description of your home. Click the “tips” button at bottom for tips on how to reduce energy use.

Energy profile

Ways to Save

This section features tips and tricks to use around your home to make it more energy efficient. When you save energy, you save money, too.

Information is power—and with Account Manager, the power to control energy costs is in your hands. If you haven’t used it before, enroll in Account Manager now.