Cooperative Review - November 2018
Vol68-11 November 2018
Cooperative Review - November 2018

You may have unclaimed funds waiting for you

SMECO has uncashed checks that were issued as capital credit refunds to members, as payments to vendors, or as donations to local organizations.

We would like to deliver the money to the rightful owners.

Unclaimed Funds

Keep the holidays safe

SMECO wants you to have a safe and happy time throughout the holiday season. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, please keep safety in mind.

Here are a few simple tips to remember.

Stay Safe

One dollar a month will help a neighbor

We know that part of being a good neighbor is to lend a hand when needed, and we know our members share this charitable spirit, especially during the holidays.

Members Helping Members

Around Town Calendar

SMECO Board elects new officers

The SMECO Board of Directors elected new officers at the regular monthly board meeting held on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. The current Board officers are:


P. Scott White of Hollywood

Vice chairman:

W. Michael Phipps of Owings


Kenneth L. Dyson of Hughesville

Assistant secretary-treasurer:

Fern G. Brown of White Plains

In addition, Samuel “Jack” Hammett received the Regional Service Award for Outstanding Service from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). Board officers’ terms are limited to five years.

Advice for renters

Moving into your own place can be very exciting. If you know people who will be moving into their first rental, share the information below with them to help make the transition smoother.

Advice for Renters



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