Cooperative Review - June 2018
Vol68-10 October 2018

Save on heating costs

In Southern Maryland, the largest energy user in the home is the unit that supplies heat. Heat pumps are the most popular electric heating system in SMECO’s service territory.

A heat pump is a closed circuit that moves heat from one place to another. In summer, it removes heat from the inside and discharges it outside. In winter, it removes heat from outside and transfers it inside. When it’s very cold or below freezing and your heat pump is running 100 percent of the time but cannot keep up with the thermostat’s temperature setting, the heat pump will need to access supplemental heat.

Heat pump tips

  • Never set the thermostat to emergency heat unless the outdoor unit stops working, then call your HVAC technician immediately.
  • Set heat to the coolest possible setting. Try not to increase more than two degrees at once.
  • Change filters monthly.
  • Keep all vents open and free from blockages.
  • Replace older thermostats with smart models—ask your HVAC technician which will work best.
  • Have system serviced by a licensed HVAC technician annually to ensure peak efficiency.
  • Keep outdoor unit free from snow, ice, and other air blockages.
  • If your heat pump needs to be replaced, check out the EmPOWER Maryland rebates available at