Cooperative Review - September 2018
Vol68-9 September 2018

Keep your distance from transformers

If you are served through underground electric facilities, you may be tempted to hide that big green transformer in your yard with plants or landscaping, but don’t do it.

SMECO crews need to have access to all electric equipment, including these transformers, in order to make occasional repairs. It is also dangerous to dig around or work close to the transformer. These boxes contain high-voltage lines and should be avoided.

When landscaping, make sure to keep plants at least 10 feet away from the transformer.

Additional landscaping tips to consider:

  • Put grass, gravel, or two-inch rock around transformers or other electrical equipment.
  • Do not use ivy or other climbing plants around the equipment.
  • Do not change the grade around equipment.
  • Call Miss Utility at 811 to have the location of underground power lines marked before digging to plant trees or shrubs.
  • It’s best to keep your distance from the transformers and to teach your children to stay away from the transformers.