Cooperative Review - July 2018
Vol68-7 July 2018

Redesigned bills and online enhancements improve communications to members

The first thing you’ve probably noticed is the complete overhaul of your monthly SMECO bill. The new design helps make it easier to find the information that you need.

  • The amount you owe and the due date are clearly printed at the top.
  • To acknowledge your monthly payment, you’ll get a “thumbs up” and a “thank you!”
  • We’ve added a “this month, last year” bill comparison to your 13-month history to help you understand your energy use pattern.
  • Billing details are easy to find. We’re making space on the front for important information by putting all the details of your bill on the back.
  • We’ll give you energy tips to help you save energy and save money.
  • Important messages will be included on the front next to your account summary.
  • To review your billing details, just look on the back. They’re easy to read.

What’s on the horizon?

One benefit of SMECO’s new smart meters is the opportunity to see how much energy you’ve used BEFORE you receive your bill. New features will be introduced in the coming months that will give you even more information at your fingertips.

SMECO’s online Account Manager will be enhanced so you can see how much energy you used yesterday or last week. Simply sign in to Account Manager to access a wealth of information. In addition to the account summary, payment information and notification preferences already available, you will also be able to see:

  • Energy use details by the day and hour, along with weather data
  • Bill forecast for current month and bill comparison to previous month
  • Your energy usage compared to similar households
  • Energy analysis of your home and ways to save

If you do not already have an online account, it’s easy to sign up. Simply go to SMECO’s website and select Enroll New User. The system will lead you through the steps of creating your online account.

Weekly updates via email

In addition to the new information available through Account Manager, you will receive personalized weekly updates via email with details about your previous week’s energy use. An estimate of your upcoming bill—based on your current month’s usage—will be included.

By monitoring your energy use, you can prevent a high bill surprise. Have a broken heat pump? Is your well pump running continuously? Did someone leave the hot tub running? Just review your weekly email so you can proactively respond to higher-than-normal energy consumption.

In addition, if your energy use is more than 30 percent higher than usual, you may receive a “high bill alert” via text if you choose. Just go to Notification Preferences in Account Manager to opt in.

The weekly emails will provide personalized weekly updates on your current usage for the billing period and your projected bill based on your current usage, the number of days left in the month, and the weather. The email will also break down the highest usage day to show you your hourly usage to give you more control over your electric bill.

SMECO knows that information is power and the cooperative wants to put that power in your hands.