Cooperative Review - July 2018
Vol68-7 July 2018

Join CoolSentry to save

SMECO’s load management program—CoolSentry—helps save energy and money during the summer months.

Signing up

  • CoolSentry is an opt-in program. Members of the cooperative who would like to participate can call 1-866-921-9474 or visit to enroll.
  • When you enroll, you will select a participation level. This level determines the amount of the credit you will receive from June through September. The participation levels depend on the cycling of your A/C compressor during a conservation event. Regardless of which level you choose, the A/C fan operates continuously throughout the conservation event to circulate air throughout your home.
    • Cycling at 50 percent: $50 in bill credits

    The compressor will operate half the time it did prior to the conservation event.

    • Cycling at 75 percent: $75 in bill credits

    The compressor will operate for a quarter of the time it did prior to the conservation event.

  • New CoolSentry participants will receive a free programmable thermostat, professionally installed, or a digital cycling unit (DCU) installed on the outdoor central A/C unit.

Conservation events

  • SMECO schedules conservation events during times of peak demand. Peak demand times occur when everyone uses a lot of electricity at the same time, usually on the hottest days.
  • During a conservation event, a wireless signal is sent to the CoolSentry thermostat or DCU and places the central air conditioning units and heat pumps into conservation mode. The signal will coordinate your A/C or heat pump with others in the neighborhood to reduce electricity use. The temperature in the home may rise slightly, but will stay comfortable.