Cooperative Review - July 2018
Vol68-7 July 2018
Cooperative Review - July 2018

Help children stay safe around power lines

It’s time for fun in the sun as children are out of school and we are in the thick of summer. Warm weather brings a lot of children outside to play and SMECO wants everyone to stay safe.

Electricity always tries to find the easiest path to ground. The best way to stay safe around overhead power lines is to never become that easiest path. Help your children understand these safety tips to keep themselves and their friends safe:

Stay Safe

SMECO bill sample

Redesigned bills and online enhancements improve communications to members

The first thing you’ve probably noticed is the complete overhaul of your monthly SMECO bill. The new design helps make it easier to find the information that you need.

  • The amount you owe and the due date are clearly printed at the top.
  • To acknowledge your monthly payment, you’ll get a “thumbs up” and a “thank you!”
  • We’ve added a “this month, last year” bill comparison to your 13-month history to help you understand your energy use pattern.
  • Billing details are easy to find. We’re making space on the front for important information by putting all the details of your bill on the back.
  • We’ll give you energy tips to help you save energy and save money.
  • Important messages will be included on the front next to your account summary.
  • To review your billing details, just look on the back. They’re easy to read.

What’s on the horizon?

Redesigned Bill

Around Town Calendar

Join CoolSentry to save

SMECO’s load management program—CoolSentry—helps save energy and money during the summer months.

Join CoolSentry

Practice boating safety around power lines

Boating is a popular activity in Southern Maryland and SMECO would like to remind sailing enthusiasts to be aware of power lines. Check out these safety tips to ensure safer sailing this summer.

Boating Safety



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