Cooperative Review - June 2018
Vol68-6 June 2018
Cooperative Review - June 2018

SMECO honors region’s outstanding math, science, and STEM teachers

SMECO worked with the school systems of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties to select and honor 20 educators with Outstanding Teacher awards for their leadership in the fields of mathematics, science, technology, and engineering.

STEM Awards

Do you pay your bill online?

Third party sites may charge an extra fee. In addition, if you use a third party payment site and make an overpayment, you won’t receive a refund from SMECO. You can allow the overpayment to remain on your SMECO bill as a credit, or you can contact the third party payment site to initiate a correction.

We encourage customers who pay their bill online to use SMECO’s website. It’s free, quick, and easy. Just go to Click the Pay Your Bill button, enter your account number and zip code, then make a payment. It’s that simple.

If you need help, just reach out to our Customer Care Center at 1-888-440-3311. We’re open 24/7, and we’ll be glad to walk you through the process.

Be prepared to vote

SMECO conducts an annual members’ meeting for the purpose of electing directors and voting on bylaw changes. As a customer-member, you are an owner and have the right to vote.

  • All customer-members should receive their ballots in late July.
  • Completed ballots must be received by mail by August 22.
  • All voting will be conducted by mail; there will be no on-site voting at the annual meeting.
  • Results will be announced at the meeting.
  • Mailed ballots will be included to reach the necessary quorum.

Please make sure your mailing information is up to date so that you receive your election materials.

The annual meeting will be held on August 29, 2018, and it is open to all members.

We will conduct a basic business meeting beginning at 6 p.m. at SMECO’s headquarters in Hughesville.

Congrats to High School Computer Bowl winners

Need help paying your bill?

You may be eligible for help from the Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) or the Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) offered by the state.

Bill Assistance

Environmental information for SMECO’s SOS

The following environmental information is for Standard Offer Service. The data are published at the request of the Maryland Public Service Commission. The data are based on a combination of 2017 regional averages and SMECO’s Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) in place. Since the data include PJM Interconnection (the regional transmission organization) wholesale market averages, the SMECO-specific emissions data may vary from these averages.

Environmental Info

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