Cooperative Review - May 2018
Vol68-5 May 2018
SMECO lineman

The groundwork for a stronger future

SMECO’s customer-members and community stakeholders can count on the Cooperative’s employees to be advocates of civility, and to live and work by SMECO’s core values of integrity, accountability, innovation, commitment to the community, and safety. As a good community steward that is committed to exceeding its customer-members’ expectations, the Cooperative works diligently to find new ways to leverage technology to enhance the customer experience and drive efficiencies in business operations.

Core Values

SMECO lineman

Technological improvements pave the way

In 2017, SMECO made technological improvements to its computer software systems and its metering and electric system that improved customer service and reliability for the Cooperative’s customer-members. SMECO constantly strives to use technology to be more responsive, reliable, and resourceful, and each improvement furthers the Cooperative’s mission to provide reliable and competitively priced electricity and related services to its members.

One thing is for certain: information and accessibility are key in today’s fast-paced world.

SMECO’s implementation of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) was a chief focus for the Cooperative in 2017. AMI provides two-way communication between the Cooperative and customer-members. During the 20th century, meter technology did not change much; and some of the meters on the system were 35–40 years old, needed replacement, and were technically obsolete. Smart meters, on the other hand, are modern, electronic meters that can do more than just measure energy use.

Technology Upgrades


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