Cooperative Review - March 2018
Vol68-3 March 2018

Update your contact information with SMECO

SMECO communicates important information to its members, whether that’s about your annual members’ meeting or timely outage updates. It’s important to make sure your electric cooperative has up-to-date contact information for you.

Beginning in 2017, SMECO began conducting voting by mail to make it easier for its members to vote for their cooperative’s Board of Directors. In order to ensure you get your ballot, SMECO needs your correct mailing address.

To update your mailing information, you can call 1-888-440-3311 or you can use Account Manager online. To use Account Manager, click on “Sign In” at Log in with your password and user name. (Click Enroll New User to begin the setup process if you are a new user.) Select “View/Update Account Info” at the top right and update your information.

If you have multiple account addresses, you can designate the one where you would like to receive your annual meeting ballot.

You can also update your phone number in Account Manager. SMECO uses your phone number to communicate restoration information during outages, which helps ensure that your power has been restored.


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