Cooperative Review - February 2018
Vol68-2 February 2018
Cooperative Review, February 2018

Manage your bill with SMECO’s Budget Plan

December and January were plagued by frigid temperatures. When it’s very cold or below freezing and your heat pump is running 100 percent of the time but cannot keep up with the thermostat’s temperature setting, the heat pump will need to access supplemental heat (auxiliary or emergency heat). Supplemental heat can use a lot of energy and that impacts your electric bill.

It can be a shock to have your electric bill jump when the temperature drops. If you sign up for SMECO’s Budget Plan, you will know in advance how much your monthly payment will be.

Signing up is easy.

Are you eligible?

  • You must be billed under residential rates.
  • Your electric bills must total $300 or more for the most recent six consecutive months.
  • Your account must not be past due.
  • If you do not have a six-month history for the location, you may be accepted on the Budget Plan when a reasonable estimate can be made by SMECO.

Once your request is accepted, your bill will be the same each month. After six months, the amount of your even monthly payment will be reviewed and adjusted to include any credit on your account or any difference between what you’ve paid and what you owe. You can request a review of your payment plan at any time and SMECO may also make adjustments throughout the year if necessary.


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