SMECO newsletter

volume 67 - issue 10 - October 2017

Buying new appliances? Use rebates to maximize your savings

If you are in the market to purchase a new appliance, consider combining those Black Friday shopping deals with your SMECO rebates. When you are setting up your post-Thanksgiving shopping strategy to take advantage of the super deals, look to see if the models you are considering include additional rebates. As a SMECO customer member, you can get rebates up to $500 on ENERGY STARĀ® certified appliances. Not only will you save more on the purchase price, but you may save more money in the long run, because ENERGY STAR certified appliances run more efficiently than standard appliances and can help reduce your energy costs.

For instance, ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers use about 20 percent less energy and 35 percent less water than regular washers. And an ENERGY STAR certified hybrid water heater can save the average household almost $300 per year in energy costs compared to a standard electric water heater.

In order to take advantage of the rebates, browse SMECO's online store or buy a qualified appliance from any Maryland retailer. Then submit a rebate form online or by mail to apply for your rebate from SMECO.

Appliance Rebates

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters $500

Pool Pumps up to $400

Refrigerators up to $150

Clothes Washers up to $100

Clothes Dryers $50

Learn more at or call 877-818-4094.