SMECO newsletter

volume 67 - issue 8 - August 2017

Working together to protect local migratory birds

Your Cooperative cares about the local wildlife and works hard to protect bird species that are tempted to nest on SMECO’s utility poles. While the poles are enticing to the birds, it can be deadly for both the adults and their offspring. Osprey are especially susceptible to the lure of the poles.

SMECO has had a formal, comprehensive Avian Protection Plan in place since 2005. The main goal of the plan is to protect migratory birds from electrocution.

In areas where poles attract ospreys, which are federally protected birds of prey, SMECO installs alternative nesting locations, along with deterrents to persuade the ospreys to relocate their nests to the alternate and safer site. If SMECO finds an existing nest, it is removed as long as no eggs or young birds are inside.

The Cooperative knows that its members care about the safety of local wildlife, too. With over 12,000 miles of line within 1,150 square miles of service area, SMECO needs your help spotting raptors in precarious locations where they could face injury or death.

If you spot an osprey or any other protected bird nesting on SMECO equipment, please use our convenient online form to alert the Cooperative.