SMECO newsletter

volume 67 - issue 7 - July 2017

SMECO applies for a 10% rate reduction

SMECO submitted a filing to the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) on May 31, 2017, to reduce its base energy charges by more than 10 percent for residential customers. If approved, the lower rates will go into effect with August 2017 bills.

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Account Manager puts control in your hands

In today’s fast-paced society, people like to be able to do business when and how they want to do it. SMECO works hard to make sure its customer-members have convenient access to update their accounts. Customers can access their accounts in multiple ways, including the online self-service option of Account Manager.

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Join CoolSentry to save

SMECO has a load management program that helps save energy and money during the summer months. CoolSentry is an opt-in program where customer-members receive a credit on their electric bills from June through September to allow SMECO to schedule conservation events during times of peak demand. Peak demand times occur when everyone uses a lot of electricity at the same time, usually on the hottest days.

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Help children stay safe around power lines

It’s time for fun in the sun as children are out of school and we are in the thick of summer. Warm weather brings a lot of children outside to play and SMECO wants everyone to stay safe.

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Practice boating safety around lines

Many people in Southern Maryland spend time out on the water enjoying summer fun. SMECO would like to remind sailing enthusiasts to be aware of power lines. Check out these safety tips to ensure safer sailing.

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Paying your bill is as easy as texting

SMECO knows that many of today’s customer-members prefer to pay bills and interact with businesses through their mobile device. So the cooperative has introduced many alternatives to calling in to a customer service line to do business. One option customers have is Account Manager through the website (see page 2 of this newsletter for more information on that option). But did you know that SMECO also offers many service options through the SMECO 24/7 mobile app or by text?

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