SMECO newsletter

volume 67 - issue 6 - June 2017

Prepare to cast your ballot for your board members

SMECO is a customer-owned electric cooperative, and every year customer-members elect the men and women who serve on SMECO’s Board of Directors.

During 2016’s annual meeting, the cooperative’s customer-members voted in favor of changing the way the annual meeting and voting are managed. Beginning this year, all voting will be conducted by mail. There will be no on-site voting at the annual meeting.

Changing the election process to a mail-in system will make it more convenient for SMECO’s customer-members to participate in voting.

What to expect

In late July, customer-members will receive their ballot and the annual meeting notice, which provides the biographies of the candidates running for the board. In 2017, customer-members will elect one director from Calvert County, one from Prince George’s County, two from St. Mary’s County, and one from Charles County.

When you receive your ballot, SMECO asks that you please complete it and return the completed ballot in the postage-paid envelope that will be included in your ballot materials. We must receive all of the ballots in the mail by August 16.

Returning your ballot as soon as possible has other possible benefits. From August 1 through 16, five prize winners will be drawn at random every weekday from the ballots returned by mail. If you are one of the 60 lucky winners, SMECO will credit $50 to your electric bill.

The annual meeting will be held on August 23, 2017 at Middleton Hall in Waldorf. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and it is open to all members. We will conduct a basic business meeting with an introduction by the Chairman of the Board, new and unfinished business, and the CEO’s presentation. Information about SMECO’s smart meters and energy efficiency programs will be on display. No voting will occur on-site, election results will be announced at the meeting and there will be no entertainment or refreshments.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact SMECO at any time. Just send an email from our website,, or call 1-888-440-3311.

Keep an eye on your mail

You should receive an envelope that looks like the image below. If you have not received your ballot by July 28, contact SMECO at 1-888-440-3311. Requests for missing ballots must be received by August 3, 2017.

Annual meeting envelope