SMECO newsletter

volume 66 - issue 12 - December 2016

SMECO will be installing smart meters in 2017

Throughout 2017, SMECO's contractor, Utility Partners of America (UPA), will be installing smart meters to all customer-members in the service area. All new homes and businesses will get a smart meter beginning in mid-December. If an existing meter needs to be exchanged, the old meter will be replaced with a smart meter. Read more

Frequently asked smart meter questions

Why is SMECO installing smart meters?

SMECO is in the process of upgrading its metering technology to better serve customers. Many of our existing electric meters are 35 to 40 years old. Smart meters offer a number of benefits, including more detailed bill information and the ability to respond to outages more quickly and effectively. Read more

Tips to save money this winter

One of the key tips to saving energy over the winter months is to know the type of heating system you have and maintain it properly. Try the tips below for more ways to help you save energy and money during the winter months. Read more

Prepare for higher electric bills as it gets colder

As temperatures outside drop, electric bills rise. Heating and cooling costs are usually the biggest part of your electric bill, accounting for up to two-thirds of your usage. When it gets cold, energy usage increases. When energy usage increases, electric bills go up. Read more

Learn more about smart meters at an open house

Any customer-member who would like to learn more about SMECO's smart meters is invited to stop by an open house. (Events may be rescheduled based on weather.) Read more