SMECO newsletter

volume 66 - issue 9 - September 2016

Comfort level and energy efficiency can go hand in hand

The summer months were brutal this year and high temperatures and heavy humidity had an impact on electric bills. In addition, some people noticed that their air conditioning had a hard time keeping up with the temperatures—even though their system was working hard, their home was still uncomfortable.

Insulation levels, weatherstripping, and humidity levels are just a sample of the factors that can affect the comfort level and efficiency of your HVAC system.

SMECO’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program takes a whole-house approach to improving your home’s comfort, durability, and energy efficiency. Instead of tackling energy problems individually, such as replacing an old heating and cooling system or fixing leaky duct work, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR looks at a home as one system and recommends comprehensive improvements for better results.

• Start with a home energy audit for $100* (a $400 value).

• Review the findings and decide which upgrades are right for you.

• Get rebates up to $4,300 from SMECO to help cover the cost of improvements.

• Enjoy year-round comfort in your energy-efficient home.

A participating home performance contractor will use diagnostic tests to identify specific improvements to reduce energy use by up to 20 percent. The contractor then provides a list of solutions and details on the associated energy savings, as well as available rebates.

For more information or to find a participating contractor, visit or call 1-877-818-4094 for additional details.

* The $100 offer is valid for homes up to 3,000 square feet with a single heating and cooling zone. Audits on larger homes or ones with multiple heating and cooling zones may cost more than $100 and customers should discuss fees with their selected participating contractor.