SMECO newsletter

volume 66 - issue 7 - July 2016

AMI installation update

SMECO will install over 13,500 smart meters throughout Southern Maryland during the summer of 2016. The new meters that are currently installed are operating correctly, communicating with our base stations, and providing meter readings as expected. The smart meters are stringently tested by the manufacturer to ensure they hold up well and are reliable. They are also UL listed and ANSI certified.

The smart meter project is a long-term initiative meant to upgrade SMECO’s technology to better serve its members. Many of the existing electric meters are 35 to 40 years old and require manual meter readings every month. The new smart meter is a digital electronic meter capable of two-way communications. Having two-way communications enables SMECO to offer a number of key benefits, including more detailed billing information and the ability to respond to outages more quickly and effectively. As smart meters help SMECO operate more efficiently, the cooperative can pass on benefits to customers.

Completion of full deployment is expected by the first quarter of 2018. Members are able to opt out of receiving a new smart meter by making a request to SMECO’s Contact Center at 1-888-440-3311. Members who choose to opt out of the smart meter installation will incur fees determined by the Public Service Commission.

If you have any questions, please call our Customer Care Representatives at 1-888-440-3311 or visit