SMECO newsletter

volume 66 - issue 6 - June 2016

Getting smarter together with smart meters

In April, SMECO installed smart meters at accounts in the Golden Beach area. During installation, a SMECO meter technician or qualified contractor removes the meter from its base and installs a new digital electronic meter. The installation process takes less than 10 minutes. Read more

Environmental information for SMECO's SOS (as of 2015)

The following environmental information is for Standard Offer Service. The data are published at the request of the Maryland Public Service Commission. The data are based on a combination of regional averages and SMECO's Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) in place. Since the data includes PJM Interconnection (the regional transmission organization) wholesale market averages, the SMECO-specific emissions and energy source (fuel mix) data may vary from these averages. Read more

SMECO honors math and science teachers

SMECO and the school systems of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's counties recently honored 17 local educators for their accomplishments in the fields of mathematics and science. Nine math teachers and eight science teachers from schools in the three counties received awards. Read more

College scholarships awarded to four local high school seniors

SMECO awarded four scholarships to high school seniors for 2016. Each year, SMECO awards four college scholarships to students who live in the Co-op's service area. Scholarships are based on the applicants' scholastic achievement, financial need, and school and community involvement. SMECO has awarded scholarships to 96 students in the 24 years since beginning the program in 1993. Read more

Help is available for your energy bill

If you are having trouble paying your electric bill, you may be eligible to participate in payment programs offered by the State of Maryland. Read more