SMECO newsletter

volume 66 - issue 4 - April 2016

High School Computer Bowl winners announced

The Southern Maryland High School Computer Bowl held its 27th annual competition on March 5 at North Point High School in Waldorf. This year's Computer Bowl event featured nearly 70 young computer experts in a test of their coding skills and technical knowledge. Sponsors for the annual competition are SMECO, the College of Southern Maryland, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the public school systems of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's counties.

Electric utilities like SMECO depend heavily on computer equipment to help keep the lights on for their customers. Utilities also depend on technology experts who know how to create and maintain software programs that ensure that all computerized systems run efficiently. Encouraging the programmers of tomorrow is the goal of the Southern Maryland High School Computer Bowl.

Seventeen teams from nine high schools in Southern Maryland faced challenging literacy and programming tests. In the first round of the competition, students took a written test of their knowledge of computer history, hardware, and software. In the second round, teams of three to four students created computer programs to solve specific problems, using programming languages such as Java. Charles County Public Schools equipped each team with two laptops for the programming portion of the competition.

Winners received plaques and trophies. SMECO awarded gift cards to the top four teams. The College of Southern Maryland also provided the first-place winners with performance awards.

Booz Allen Hamilton employees Alan Cooper, Carrie Dalton, Chad Kilgore, and Laurie Lawrence served as judges for the competition, along with Joe Burgin from the College of Southern Maryland. Lora Bennett and John Stine with Charles County Public Schools developed the literacy and programming tests used in the competition.

First-place team, Great Mills High School

First-place winners, from Great Mills High School, are (from left) coach Nora Blasko, Belinda Chiu, Nicholas Tobler, Mychell Ronquillo, and Collin Songy

Second-place team, Huntingtown High School

Second-place winners, from Huntingtown High School, are (from left) Zach Sims, coach Tom Currier, Jared Brown, and Jimmy Nguyen. Not pictured is Reed Lundegard.

Third-place team, Huntingtown High School

Third-place winners, from Huntingtown High School, are (from left) coach Tom Currier, Sam Matthews, Alex Kastaniotis, Brian Holt, and Brandon Jackson.