SMECO newsletter

volume 66 - issue 3 - March 2016

Check out SMECO's new Account Manager

SMECO launched its Account Manager site in December 2015. The goal of this new web feature is to provide customer-members with the freedom to do business their way, automating options that previously required a phone call to SMECO's contact center.

Account Manager currently offers more comprehensive payment and account information on a single screen with one-click access to a variety of options. Customers can update their contact information, sign up for budget billing, and more.

The new Account Manager site also features a Notification Preference Center, which lets you choose how SMECO communicates with you. Want to receive outage texts on your cell phone and payment notices via email? Just sign in to Account Manager and set up your own notification preferences. The link to notification preferences is on the account summary page. Notification settings are for emails and text (SMS) phone numbers.

SMECO Account Manager makes managing your SMECO account convenient, easy, and efficient. To start using SMECO's Account Manager, go to the Cooperative's home page at and click Sign In.

SMECO will continue to add new functionality to Account Manager, working to continuously improve customer interaction with the Cooperative.

SMECO Account Manager