SMECO newsletter

volume 66 - issue 1 - january 2016

Ways to save with water heaters

The water heater is the second-largest energy user in most homes. In an average home, water heating accounts for about 25 percent of your total energy usage—adding up to $400 to $600 per year to utility bills. Taking steps to reduce water-heating costs can save you money. Read more

SMECO makes progress on 69-kV upgrade

In 2008, a load study indicated that the Westlake substation in Waldorf was SMECO’s most heavily-loaded substation. Our Engineering and Operations Department determined that an upgraded line was needed to maintain reliable service to the area, meet current demand, and provide capacity for future development in Waldorf. SMECO began a multi-phase project to address the growing need for added capacity in the more congested areas of Charles County. In 2009, the transformers at Westlake were upgraded, and the load on the substation has grown steadily ever since. Read more

Scholarships available for high school seniors

SMECO is offering $1,500 college scholarships to four high school seniors who are graduating in 2016 and who live with parents or guardians who are SMECO customers. The deadline for all completed scholarship applications to be received is
April 1, 2016. Read more

How weather affects bills

Your bill this January is probably not as high as it was in January 2015. These lower bills are thanks to lower power cost and the moderate weather (at times spring-like weather) in December. When temperatures are not too warm or too cold, the heating and cooling system in your home doesn't need to work hard to keep your home comfortable. Heating and cooling are typically the biggest reason for increased energy use in the home and the more energy you use, the higher your bill will be. Weather has a direct impact on your electric usage and bill. Read more

Sign up by January 31 for a special reward

Sign up for Members Helping Members and receive a reward for lending a hand. For people who have fallen on hard times, receiving enough money to pay past due electric bills can make a big difference in their lives. Members Helping Members is a program where customers in Southern Maryland can help their neighbors who are struggling. Read more