SMECO newsletter

volume 65 - issue 10 - october 2015

New tool helps you decide if solar is right for you

WattPlan entrance

SMECO now has an online, self-service tool—WattPlan—that will help customers who are interested in installing solar panels and a net meter. This tool provides an estimate of a home’s potential for a rooftop solar array, including an estimate of the amount of electricity that could be generated and approximate annual electric bill savings. (The figures shown are estimates only.)

It’s easy. Simply enter your address, input your average monthly bill, and see what you get. WattPlan will suggest the number of solar panels and provide an estimate of annual kWh production and your estimated annual electric bill savings.

SMECO's Prince Frederick office building

Use the Solar Menu (on the left side of the screen) to refine your home's characteristics. Add a second solar array or prioritize the financing method. The system illustrates a variety of options. You can view the estimated payback period, cash flow, and 20-year lifetime cost breakdown.

More than 1,500 SMECO customer-members currently have net meters and the interest continues to grow. See how your home or office stacks up with WattPlan.