SMECO newsletter

volume 65 - issue 9 - september 2015

SMECO recognizes new vice president

Jeff Shaw,  SMECO Vice President, Distributed Energy and Sustainability

SMECO recently appointed Jeff Shaw to Vice President, Distributed Energy and Sustainability. Shaw’s promotion to this position is part of the cooperative’s increased focus on distributed energy resources and sustainability. (Distributed energy resources are relatively small electric generation units, such as solar panels, located close to where the energy is being used. Sustainability refers to green power, efficiency, and environmentally-friendly business practices.)

SMECO customer-members have shown an increasing interest in renewable resources and frequently call on the cooperative for guidance and assistance. Many of our customer-members are investing in rooftop solar and are interested in community solar programs and other types of renewable energy sources. SMECO receives numerous interconnection applications each day.

SMECO is aligning the organization’s structure and resources to effectively respond to immediate demands for solar net-metering applications and to address SMECO strategic renewable interests.

"The public demand for renewable options and sustainable initiatives is ever increasing as consumers look for ways to have a positive impact on the environment. We want to help our customer-members understand the net metering process and overall economics of the solar renewable option," said Sonja Cox, Sr. Vice President Financial Economic & Employee Services and CFO for SMECO.

In the past few years, SMECO has worked to provide customers with the expertise needed to help them make sound decisions on installing renewable power sources. Many customers have installed solar arrays on their homes and businesses, and these installations require close coordination among SMECO, our customer, and the installer. Shaw will manage these responsibilities.

In addition to residential and community solar, SMECO continues to meet state requirements for renewable energy. SMECO is investigating additional utility-scale solar projects.

One recent enhancement to help our members is the installation of the software application WattPlan, an online, self-service tool that our members may use to help them make decisions on solar installations. With WattPlan, customer-members who are considering solar can simply enter the address of their home or office and WattPlan provides a personal estimate of the building’s potential for a rooftop solar array, including an estimate of the amount of electricity that could be generated and how much might be saved each year on the electric bill. (The figures shown are estimates only.)

Shaw’s team will keep abreast of other related emerging technologies, support and ensure alignment with integrated resource power supply plans, manage utility-scale renewable projects, ensure member engagement and communication, and advocate policies that reflect SMECO members' interests. Shaw will continue to oversee and direct the energy efficiency programs that SMECO offers its customer-members, in addition to enhancing the renewable options available.

Solar panel