SMECO newsletter

volume 65 - issue 9 - september 2015

SMECO bill payment address is changing

SMECO will be moving its lockbox banking services in September 2015. This shift will affect where members mail their bill payments.

If you mail your SMECO payment or if you use a banking service to mail your payment, please use the following address as of September 1, 2015.

P.O. Box 62261
Baltimore, MD 21264-2261

We are making this change to ensure our customer-members receive the best service possible.

SMECO transitioned to a different bank a year ago. In order to address concerns that have been raised by customers regarding the quality of service, SMECO is transitioning lockbox payment services back to the original bank.

In addition to mailing payments, customers can pay SMECO bills online, use the SMECO 24/7 app, or pay by text. Payments can also be made by phone, at Walmart, or at a Global Express retailer.

SMECO performed rigorous testing to ensure a smooth transition back to the original bank in September.