SMECO newsletter

volume 65 - issue 6 - june 2015

Environmental information for SMECO's SOS (As of 2014)


The following environmental information is for Standard Offer Service. The data are published at the request of the Maryland Public Service Commission and are based on regional averages. Since the data are PJM Interconnection (the regional transmission organization) wholesale market averages, the SMECO-specific emissions and energy source (fuel mix) data may vary from these averages.

Electricity can be generated in a number of ways with different costs and impacts on the environment. The standardized environmental information shown below allows you to compare this electricity product with electricity products offered by other electricity suppliers. For additional information, contact SMECO at 1-888-440-3311, extension 4458.

Energy Source (Fuel Mix) values represent 2014 averages for this region:43.49% coal, 34.72% nuclear, 17.51% natural gas, and 0.25% oil. Renewable energy: 0.30% methane gas, 0% geothermal, 0.95% hydroelectric, 0.05% solar, 0.53% solid waste, 1.95% wind, and 0.23% wood/other biomass.

Air Emissions are the amount of air pollution associated with the generation of electricity production for this region, given in pounds emitted per megawatt-hour of electricity generated, as follows: Nitrogen Oxides (NOX):0.91, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2):2.23, and Carbon Dioxide (CO2):1,107.77.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas, which may contribute to global climate change. SO2 and NOX released into the atmosphere react to form acid rain. NOX also reacts to form ground level ozone, an unhealthful component of smog.