SMECO newsletter

volume 65 - issue 6 - june 2015

Little things add up, don't let pools and spas pump you dry

Hot tub

It's June and many people will be enjoying their pools and spas. They are a great way to relax or cool off, but the cost to operate them can add quite a bit to your energy bill. A one-horsepower pool pump running 12 hours a day can cost over $50 a month. A hot tub with both pump and heater running five hours a day can rack up around $46 a month on your energy bill.

How can you reduce the operating costs?

Running the pump to filter the water can use a lot of energy, especially if the pump is over-sized. A pool specialist can help you determine if your pump is the right size, or if a smaller pump will keep the pool clean and save you money. Another option is a variable-speed pump, which uses varying speeds based on the pool's size and volume.

Hot tubs can cost a lot of money to heat and filter. Keep your hot tub set to the lowest comfortable setting and make sure the cover fits tightly when you are not using it. If you can see steam rising on a cold day, it is time to replace the cover. If your model has an economy mode, use it as much as possible.

Pump tips

• Replace pool pumps with an ENERGY STAR® qualified two-speed or variable-speed pump. They use up to 70 percent less energy.

• Place your pool pump on a timer instead of letting it run 24/7. Keep adjusting the timer down so you have clean water and a short run time.

• Use the sun to heat the pool instead of an electric heater. Solar pool heaters come in different sizes and price ranges. Ask your pool specialist for more information.

• Switch the breaker to off when you are no longer using the pool for the season. If you have a hot tub, set it to "economy mode" or turn it off at the breaker when you are away.

• Check pumps annually to make sure they are working properly.

• Keep intake areas clear of debris. Clogged pumps work hard and are expensive to run.

Incentives available

In May 2015, SMECO began offering rebates on ENERGY STAR® qualified pool pumps for homeowners in eligible residences.

Energy saving

Visit our website for more information.

Program and incentive levels are subject to change.