SMECO newsletter

volume 65 - issue 5 - may 2015

A shift in focus

Richard A. Winkler, Chairman of the Board and Austin J. Slater, Jr., President and CEO.

The landscape for electric utilities is shifting. The electric utility model has evolved very little in the past 100 years but that is about to change. And today, our customer-members' expectations are growing, even as the utility landscape changes. As a cooperative, SMECO’s main focus is to enhance the quality of life in Southern Maryland by providing reliable, competitively priced energy and related services while remaining dedicated to its community. Our focus on customer-members is not changing; but the way we address our customer-members' needs will continue to shift as SMECO moves forward to provide services that most accurately reflect their needs. The main areas affected include the technology used to communicate and serve the members, enhanced infrastructure to ensure high standards of reliability, and a continued investment in renewable energy supply.

Traditional ways of doing business are changing. As they do, your cooperative will remain committed to forging a path that best serves our customer-members.