SMECO newsletter

volume 65 - issue 4 - april 2015

Stay safe around power lines

With the return of spring, many people are excited to head outdoors and get started on some projects around the house and yard. It's important to stay safe and be aware of overhead power lines. Look up.

• Keep equipment away from overhead lines when carrying ladders, pool skimmers, and pruning tools.

• If you are doing work close to power lines—such as trimming trees, working on your roof, or doing exterior renovations—keep yourself, your ladder, and anything you are handling a safe distance from the power line.

• Contact SMECO to disconnect power if you are doing work that requires close contact with overhead lines attached to your home.

• Avoid planting trees near overhead power lines. Trees that will grow 20 to 50 feet tall should be planted at least 30 feet from overhead lines.

• If you are planting near the electric transformer, please keep plants at least 10 feet away. It is advisable that you avoid using ivy or other climbing plants that can overtake the equipment. It is also important that you do not adjust the grade around the transformer.

In addition to overhead lines, SMECO has many underground electric lines. Call Miss Utility at 811 before you dig every time you dig. This applies for every digging job even small projects like planting a tree or shrub.