SMECO newsletter

volume 65 - issue 3 - march 2015

SMECO holds Elementary School Knowledge Bowl

The 21st annual Elementary School Knowledge Bowl was held in January 2015.

The Knowledge Bowl was an annual competition for students in elementary schools throughout Southern Maryland that tested the students' knowledge of mathematics, history, grammar, current affairs, and other subjects.

The bowl featured an online quiz of general knowledge for teams of fourth- and fifth-graders. Nearly 200 students from 14 schools in Charles and St. Mary's counties competed in SMECO's 21st annual Knowledge Bowl.

Working in teams of six, competitors used school computers to access an online test created by volunteers from Charles County Public Schools to solve problems and answer questions. Teams were given 75 minutes to complete the 75-question quiz. At the end of the competition, SMECO posted the overall results on its website, including the results by county.

This ends an annual tradition that began in 1994 when SMECO launched the Southern Maryland Elementary School Computer Bowl, in cooperation with the school systems in Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's counties. After years of declining participation, Knowledge Bowl sponsors decided that 2015's would be the last.

When we started the competition 21 years ago, computers were not as widely used in the schools as they are today. The event originally provided students with a unique opportunity to capitalize on their strengths and work in teams, to compete, to use computers, and to use the internet. We've all come a long way over the years, and students are using computers at home before they even start first grade. We're proud to have been able to provide the support and the enthusiasm for friendly competition among schools, and we hope that the students enjoyed the event and sharpened their skills.

SMECO will continue to sponsor school events such as MATHCOUNTS, the High School Computer Bowl, the Elementary Math Challenge, and the Outstanding Math and Science Teacher Awards.

Winners of the 2015 competition are listed below by team name and school.

Overall Winners

First: Osprey 2015, Leonardtown Elementary School, St. Mary's County
Second: Terrific Tigers, Dr. James Craik Elementary School, Charles County
Third: Osprey 2014, Leonardtown Elementary School, St. Mary's County

Charles County Winners

First: Terrific Tigers, Dr. James Craik Elementary
Second: Mighty Mustangs, Malcolm Elementary
Third: Proud Pride, Dr. James Craik Elementary

St. Mary's County Winners

First: Osprey 2015, Leonardtown Elementary
Second: Osprey 2014, Leonardtown Elementary
Third: LMDent Dolphins 2, Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary