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Charlotte Hall Veterans Home has both assisted living and skilled nursing long-term care facilities for veterans and their spouses. The Home also houses a 42-bed Alzheimer care unit. Available services include room, board, medication, round-trip transportation to a nearby medical center, telephone, subsidized cable television, an on-site physician once a week, and on-site nurses 24 hours a day.

In addition to the services the Home provides, George W. Owings III, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, says, “An underlying benefit that you don’t see elsewhere is the support system of volunteers at Charlotte Hall. Often, they come from the very same civic groups and organizations that the Home residents had belonged to—or may still belong to.

Volunteers have donated many thousands of hours to improving the quality of life for Charlotte Hall residents over the years. SMECO, for example, sponsors a monthly bingo night for Home residents that includes refreshments and prizes; SMECO has also contributed several computers to the computer room.

In 1985, Charlotte Hall Veterans Home rose like a phoenix from the ashes of what had been Charlotte Hall Military Academy a decade earlier. However, the Home remains one of Southern Maryland’s best-kept secrets. Some Veterans remain isolated in their homes and aren’t exposed to much advertising, and they may have less contact with community members who know of the Home’s existence.

“We advertise regularly,” says Frederick D. Shroyer, Executive Director of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, “but it’s been a real challenge to get the word out—especially to those who most need our services.”

A third of Charlotte Hall’s beds are still available; eligible Veterans in need of services are encouraged to apply. To be eligible for admittance, an individual must have been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces (or be the spouse of an honorably discharged individual), be a Maryland resident, and be at least 62 years old (unless disabled and unable to work).

The Home is owned by the State of Maryland. As a result, the cost of services to residents is reduced, although the cost to individuals varies depending upon their income and the services they require.

Questions? Call Charlotte Hall Veterans Home at 1-800-522-8387, or visit their Web site at

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